Aluminum L-Track , with flanges100''

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Flush mounted Aluminum L-Track , with flanges, 100''

100-Inch Series L Medium-Duty Aluminum Track w/ Flanges

The advantage of our Series L Medium-Duty Aluminum Track with Flanges comes from the shape of its design. This Track offers a recessed/flanged shape which can be used for flush-mounted installations. Since it can lay flush against the surface of your trailer, you'll be able to easily roll cargo with wheels over the Track without having it obstruct your path. Built for durability, our lightweight Series L Medium-Duty Track is manufactured from high-quality aluminum to make it light, flexible, and strong. Series L Track fittings can be quickly placed anywhere within the Track in order to create a strong and reliable support for your cargo securement job. This gives you the kind of flexibility you need in the cargo control industry.

100" Series L Medium-Duty Aluminum Track w/ Flanges – FE751-01-PD4 Quick Specs:

  • Series Type: Series L
  • Width: 1.96 Inches
  • Length: 100 Inches
  • Height: 0.62 Inch
  • Weight: 6.2 Lbs. / 2.8 Kgs.
Units in box: 1